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About us

PK10Pingxiang Petrochemical Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Xiangdong Ceramic Industrial park, which is honored of the Industrial Ceramics Capital of China by China Ceramic Industry Association. We have a fixed asset of 38 million Yuan. Our products get the authentication of national nonmetal material and equipment quality inspection centre. We produce chemical packing, Porcelain ball, Molecular sieve, filtration material of environmental protection, Catalyst, Petrochemical auxiliary, Active carbon and chemical parts. Supported by Tsinghua university, Beijing petrochemical engineering company, luoyang petrochemical engineering company, china petrochemical science institute, fushun petrochemical science institute, china environmental science institute, CSA dalian physical chemical institute, we have developed some new products and got awards from government. Our production is following the standard of ISO9001 quality system. We are the market member of Sinopec and CNPC. We are good related to our customers in USA, Germany, The Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Customers and quality are number one priority. We welcome your business in 21st century.

Add: Xiangdong Ceramic Industrial Park, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province  Chairman: Xv Huaisheng +86-13907993138 General manager:Zhang Mingli +86-13907999263
Tel: +86-799-3411918  Fax: +86-799-3412668  E-mail:  P.C.: 337022  
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